Windows , blobs and IE oh my!

In 2019, many websites are stating that they are no longer supporting IE. One because it is a pain for developers to create content for a non-modern browser and also Microsoft it's self says developers should stop developing on IE because it's not meant to be a browser. However, here in 2019, here I am … Continue reading Windows , blobs and IE oh my!


Snag getting Jenkins up and running

I ran into a snag in getting Jenkins up and running. After it installed, it asked me for an admin password. I was like what is this? I entered that path in my terminal. I got an error that said something like " I don't know what you're talking about. After searching Google for an … Continue reading Snag getting Jenkins up and running

I’m writing this down

Last week, I struggled to get the Selenium Webdriver for Firefox working on my computer. I was receiving this error: unable to connect to Mozilla geckodriver (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError) I must have looked through hundreds(I'm exaggerating) of StackOverflows and still couldn't get the error and when I began to give up. I finally got it working. I started building … Continue reading I’m writing this down