Source code and where to find it

I’ve been at this learning to code game for awhile and along the way, I’ve heard people say. “Yeah to level up, you just need to read the source code”.

I’ve always been like in my head “what source code? The code in the DOM?”. How do I get to the source code???

Well, I took this course on Udemy and there was a section on reading the source code of the jQuery language to learn how to write good JavaScript. From there I took a look at BootStrap’s source code and learned it was just a repo of great CSS, HTML and JS. I saw the wizard!

See, not scary at all, and there are comments to explain what’s going on. Just a good example of writing good code.




Hopefully, next time someone tells you to look at the source code for good code, you’ll know what they’re talking about.




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